12 May 2009

Momma just got a makover-new blog address

Bye bye Blogger-Hello Wordpress.


You will no longer be able to access me with this link.

I hope you will continue to follow me. Please help me to help you. Tell everyone you know about my blog. The bigger I grow the more I can help you.

E me at barbra@barbrahorowitz.com if you have any comments. I am your style strategist. Dishing up sample sales and style tips you can afford.

Keeep on working on your back end. I'll take care of your fashion front end.


06 May 2009

Dresses do double time-Marc Jacobs-Gilt.com

Gilt.com is single handedly going to ruin retail. At this sample sale price i would spring for one of these 2 Marc Jacobs dresses myself. $168. Great price-tons of flexibility=Style strategy.

Styling in today's times means looking for pieces that have optimum flexibility. A dress is never just a dress.

Always dressing for the smallest points of your body can actually look dated.. Check out LIsa Rinna, at 45, no one can deny the body she possesses.

If LR became a client of mine. Oh boy! She would smoke that much harder. A quiet attitude -far sexier. Never be afraid of losing your shape by layering.

Style tip- The first MJ dress- an ivory faille short sleeve double breasted square neck is much more than one note as you see photographed.

Open this dress up- Let it hang as a spring coat. Place the belt straps in the pockets instead of hanging. Pair over tanks and t-shirts-tons of jewelry draping. One of the most versatile items you can buy this season.

Wear over denim, trousers, short skirts, long skirts, short sleeve tops, long sleeve tops. You cannot miss or mess up with this piece.

Once you have gotten maximum wear from either dress, say bye bye-Ebay. Bet you make your entire sample sale investment back.

Double style tip- The second silk Marc Jacobs dress with shantung bodice will work really well on top of cropped pants perhaps with slits- ballet flats- gladiator style sandals.

Also pair with wide leg denim. The voluminous round neck collar creates a suiting effect without the jacket.

Color blocking-very architectural and the empire waist and a-line hem offers flexibility to the endth degree.

Are you dizzy yet? Buy what you like, make it work for your life.

Your budget needs to stretch as far as possible, make sure your options do too.


-Barbra Horowitz

Kiss my lime green butt-Cynthia Rowley-Ideeli.com

Angie, Angie when will all those clouds all disappear? Angie, Angie where will it lead us from here? With no loving in our souls and no money in our coats. How bout your handbag? Any money there?

Mick Jagger and Keith Richards penned the famous Angie- well more Keith- Mick sings and we still croon "Angie" today. The plight of a love affair about to end. Sounds like the American dream. Gone baby gone!

I've been singing the same song for decades. It doesn't matter who you wear- it matters who you are. Now that you CAN'T buy big- you CAN listen. Your style strategy-shop strategically.

My money's on Cynthia Rowley's 'Angie" canvas tote featuring leather layers. I've said it before- It's a quieter time-wear a quieter bag.

Choosing canvas versus a big ol luxury bag signals confidence. Your name ain't Marc or Louis is it? Don't buy into expensive marketing campaigns. Create your own signature style. Obscurity in a handbag-so much more interesting.

Playing the mark up to mark down game-Good girl. Impulsive shopping won't pay your rent. Right Dave?

Style tip- Think of lime green as a neutralizing pop of color- just enough cool and warm hues for every item in your wardrobe.

I challenge you to take a look at a pantone color chart-LIme green will go with any color on the color wheel. Remember what I said about all those color therapists. Tell em to kiss my lime green butt.

Double style tip-Canvas has a lot of textures, the mermaidesque element of leather layers sets this bag apart. You're a complicated creature-let your layers show.


-Barbra Horowitz

02 May 2009

Care don't care BUT Kate Hudson SO cares...........

Kate Hudson is camera ready for this shot. Her body language says "Go ahead- take my picture" Kate certainly knows a thing or two about Cali Cool.

Mom's- This is how you do it. Every beat of Ms. Hudson's outfit has been thought about. Dressing well takes effort- dressing effortlessly-Style strategy.

Let's dissect K? Kate's hair is perfectly highlighted with just the right amount of roots. Great hair is half of your style equation. Have you seen your hairdresser lately? One accessory you can't do without in this recession.

Wearing jet black shades that go with Kate's of the moment flannel. Rolled sleeves force you to look right at Kate's 2 SouthWestern cuffs. Styling is all strategy.

Kate didn't just wear one big cuff, she added a similar but different cuff on the top of her forearm. A-team styling-Big time.. Add a chocolate brown Goldenbleu fringe bag and Kate's accessories are taking this from a simple outfit to Cali-cool.

No more excuses. You can be running late to a very important date. Your flannel - your jeans- throw on two southwestern vintage cuffs, your suede fringe bag your jet black shades anddddddddddd GO!

Wear whatever you want but when your games on, bring in the gold. The gold is kate's accessories, the basics are the blue flannel and jean.

Wearing blue on blue in a monochromatic scheme from head to toe. An outfit without even trying.

Style tip- It's easy to not care. Your style strategy needs to begin today- Care-Don't care!.

For all my clients you know exactly what this means.
Don't cha?

-Barbra Horowitz

Style strategies you can invest in-Giambatista Valli-Gilt.com

The NY Times just published an article that really got me riled. On a trek with 3 fashion stylists to find chic pieces for women over 40. This article is written with such ageist generalities. But that's a whole nother post.

As the article goes on to say-while the days of $20,000 Hermes bags are slowing down, a metallic leaf Marc Jacobs patterned coat for $2100 is a good buy. I'm sorry a silk dress for $1400? This freelance writer couldn't be living this large. No way!

A stylist worth their hourly rate should be choosing designer pieces at a resale/sale price-point. Who can't pick from the best collections at retail.

This article skues to the less than one percent reading the NY Times. Sure celebs who borrow from collections for press- and socialites who are able to ridiculously afford retail. If this isn't you- please read on.

Giambattista Valli is on sample sale, you know the new term for retail. GV's colorblocked strapless dress with grosgrain trim, single shoulder and empire waistline. Add unfinished hems and frayed edges. Need I say more?

Pair GV's architectural sculpted dress with a short cropped Marni or boyfriend blazer. Effortlessly navigate your day from the boardroom to cocktails.

Ohm- my mantra-If it isn't on sale, it isn't on you. This label has resale value. Wear it for the season- Sell it next.

Style tip-It's important to have just enough HI to go with your LO but please- spend it on sale-Sell it after. Clothing is no longer an investment how you buy it and when you sell it is.

Buy to Wear-Wear to Sell. Words to live by.


-Barbra Horowitz

28 April 2009

Beyonce B FIERCE

I just did a double take on People.com. There is no way this could B Beyonce. Hello Houston, the beauty queen's out of the country and maybe momma knowles doesn't always know best.

Beyonce looks radiantly fresh and you know what? She looks like the young women that she is? On top of it she must have her boyfriend pants on cuz where did all that booty go?

Whatever happened in Vienna, let's hope B returns with it. Ok, let's dissect. Beyonce looks amazing with her hair naturally curly. Forget all that flat ironing. B's outfit is absolute Cali Cool. Do you hear that Stylecaster? This is how we do it in LA.

From her J. brand icy gray boyfriend jeans with the perfect hang. To her YSL shoes that scream HELLO. Don't even B forgetting that low slung double wrap silver belt and YSL studded bag.

Top it off with a sheer spotted wifebeater and this outfit is more than bangin it up. If only Beyonce would adopt this type of styling on the red carpet. Sigh. One can only hope.

Style tip- All these tones and texture of white mixed with ice grey and silver are exactly how you want to create your own palette. Here's a great rule of thumb: When wearing one color- mix two of it's closest friends together. That's styling.

Double style tip-Always adopt a care don't care but oh yeah you care attitude. Looking put together is your deal starter. You don't have to B walkin the red carpet to do it up. Your life is right now-Participate.

-Barbra Horowitz

Where all my label whores at? Ideeli.com

Ok, my little label whores. Here's a dress that I can write about and a label you love.

Just Cavalli is giving it away over at Ideeli.com This dress originally retailed for over $500 but is now on sample sale (you know the new term for retail) for $190.

Could this be RC's merch from season's ago. Whichever-Whatever. A jersey dress will work any time.

With Summer on it's way, you might as well be prepared. The empire waist and plunging neckline are signature style strategies over here in my style camp.

Plunge- because we want to see your dessert tray. Empire cuz you can let your tummy breathe. Everyone wins.

Add these bright fun colors of majenta and yellow and you're good to go. Don't EVEN think of buying both. K?

Style tip- If you've got great legs cut this dress above your knees. Use any old scissors, fold the dress in half - Cut. Jersey rolls- you can never make a mistake.

Double style tip- Too much exposure for your girls. Wear a triangle bikini top for more coverage and dimension.

Triple style tip- Want to wear color but you were told it's not your palette? Cut color with neutral colors. Ivory, cognac, chocolate brown. All those color therapists-just tell them to kiss my ass.

Final style tip- When temperatures are sky high, body issues diminish. Whatcha gonna do, it's too damn hot.

Same goes for color. When it's hotter than a pug panting for a popsicle, that's your cue to pile the color on.


-Barbra Horowitz

It's all in Lamixx-Shopflick.com

If video killed the radio star then shopflick kills online shopping. Every designer is supported by video. Showing you what you should know, why you should buy and on demand. Hang on. Domino's and a six pack are on their way.

Last time I saw this much fashion on tv was MTV's House of Style. Yep, the 90's are back babe but better. Say that four times twice as fast.

Ok- Now that you've scored a slice of pepperoni, cracked a beer. What's an indy girl supposed to do? SHOP! DUH? no SHOPFLICK. I am belly aching at my cleverness but Sabina my black pug just fell over. Get it together Barbi.

Just for you I have this lovely wool flap dress by LAmixx. Hmm. Note to shopflick. Your description says wool blend but your title says wool flap.
It be almost May. Let's just say wool blend. Cuz this dress is cute as pie and for $62 a good deal too.

Support independent fashion and support Shopflick. Bet you they'd spring for your next pizza.

Style tip-This dress is naked without a belt in the center. Oh wow! How about yesterday's post also from Shopflick. The Linea Pelle silver corset belt.

Taupe and Silver are kissing cousins on the color wheel. They belong together.


-Barbra Horowitz

27 April 2009

Love-Love Linea Pelle belts

Love- Love Linea Pelle belts. Super great quality at sample sale prices. Pick it up over at Shopflick.com for under $50.

Designer, Mira K. Anzaruth has a really great eye for leather, her use of texture is really what sets LP apart. The belt shown today not only has a corset type double closure in the center. it's braided in such a clever way.

Super smart as your tummy can be a sensitive area but with great texture you're actually allowing your eye to never rest on a problem area.

Celeb fans such as Ashlee Simpson, Lauren Conrad and Rhianna are wearing Linea pelle but who cares. this belt puts all the focus on you.

Style tip- Don't be afraid to wear texture on texture, this belt will work even harder with patterns underneath. Just like being hypnotized, (you're getting very sleepy) Busy and Busy make simple.

Double style tip-Very hard to find a silver that doesn't look cheap, you will have your new belt for years to come. That is if you want it that long.

Triple style tip- Belts are the icing on your seven layer cake. Belt this belt on your sweaters and coats for even more shape.

Final style tip-Ready for A-team styling? Don't wear the corset buckles in the middle. Too expected. Allow this belt to be off-centered on purpose. The perfect balance-imbalance. Just like you.


-Barbra Horowitz

The Bride Wore a Sweatsuit? Heidi and Spencer get hitched

Hey you guys! Speidi got hitched for reals over the weekend. Huh? Aren't they having problems on their MTV reality show The Hills? Whatevs!! Heidi and Spencer are now officially married. Blah Blah Blah.

BUT in typical media alert fashion, Speidi turned their wedding into a press product placement ad. Milk it Speidi. Marriage kills press.

Heidi Montag wore a $19.000 Monique L'huillier wedding gown. Hmm, celebs wear Monique all the time, how often is the price of the dress quoted in the press release?

Neil Lane's people must have approved one million dollars worth of jewels just for the name drop.

I'm a huge fan of Monique L'huillier's and have dressed many a Monqiue bride. Heidi's strapless chiffon with the many overlay's is just not the dress I would have chosen. I commend Mrs. Pratt for not going over the top sexy as she does in real life. Add a bonnet and she could be mistaken for Little Bo Peep.

The moral to this fable is: Wearing the most expensive dress and jewels does not make you a more beautiful bride. Wearing sweatpants to cut your cake in? Goes with out saying.

Style tip- Don't do different on your wedding day. Stay true to your own style.

Double style tip- Do a practice run on hair and makeup before your big day. Then photograph the results in the light you are getting married in. Especially if it's a day wedding.

Triple style tip-Do not spend money you don't have. It may be one of the most important days of your life but not the only one. Don't get into debt for LOVE.

Final style tip- Ebay, Sample sales, dresses worn once. Get creative, you have a wedding to produce.

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